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  1. Arizona Grassroots is looking for 8U athletes.
  2. Arizona Grassroots announces partnership with Omuwamu.
  3. Arizona Grassroots is looking for 13U-14U players.
  4. Jovann Thompson awaits opportunity at Benedictine University.
  5. Kyle Harris playing above the rim for Phoenix College.

Learn how to shoot in game situations Perfect your offensive attack moves Develop ball handling skills Improve your defensive instincts Advance you overall basketball IQ Intense individual instruction focused on player development Accomplished coaching staff dedicated to individual improvement through creative drills and competition Increased self-confidence through basketball challenges and success An encouraging environment dedicated to working hard and having fun!! Learn how to shoot in game situations, perfect attack moves and understand when to implement them.

“Jack knows how to condition you with the basketball in hand. If you are a scorer his workouts are perfect, because you are putting the basketball through the hoop at game speed.” Danny Powell Evergreen State

“JD pushes you to a new level while giving you elements you will use in games” Amiri Chukmueka Hawaii Pacific University

“Jack has the ability to get me out of my comfort zone and make my weaknesses my strengths.Working on alot of ball dominate plays to give me the ability to move freely on the court” Sam Jones Penn U

“Working with Coach Daniels has helped me immensely improve my game, He can train both guards and big’s and knows how to win games on the club level” Hes helped me get much better with my footwork and mobility” Thomas Sipan

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