Arizona Grassroots is an Adidas Gauntlet Gold Program. Arizona Grassroots Basketball is proud to announce they have earned an invite onto the Adidas Gold Gauntlet circuit. The Gauntlet series is a multi-stop travel team circuit exclusive for Adidas sponsored teams to gain exposure in front of college coaches, media outlets, and their peers. Teams face high level national competition allowing players to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face in college. Programs are encouraged to encompass the three areas of game, life, and world ensuring they are developing not only athletes but also well-rounded individuals. Our grade school and middle school teams will participate in the JR3SSB circuit.

Arizona Grassroots Basketball (AGB) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, Arizona Grassroots Basketball was formed to provide unique developmental program for student-athletes and at-risk youth, to educate, and build lifelong skills for success. Although we incorporate sports specific activities into our programs, we focus on developing youth and assuring academic success. The program is staffed by qualified personnel; all academic and physical activities are held by professionals in their field. Arizona Grassroots is an Adidas Gauntlet Gold Program.

A personal interview is conducted with the student-athlete and their parents regarding the individual’s athletic abilities, academic interests, grades, as well as their career goals before starting the program to ensure we help the athlete reach their goals. All athletes are welcome to participate based on payment of membership fees. Arizona Grassroots is a non-profit organization with limited funding, therefore, only a selected number of athletes can be sponsored through the program. The complete program focuses on preparing the
athletes to gain access to college institutions to further their education as well as their basketball career.

Arizona Grassroots provides student-athletes and at-risk youth with an authentic learning experience that engage their mind, body, and soul. Sports education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self-discipline, confidence and the skills necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives.

Arizona Grassroots was established to prepare athletes academically, physically, and most importantly mentally. One of the most important things to remember is that Arizona Grassroots athletes are a selected few. Each athlete must maintain a certain GPA to remain in the program. The overall goal of the Arizona Grassroots program is to create COMPLETE student-athletes, by developing successful habits on and off the court.